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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

New Operating System Launched in Market with Android Functions and Windows User Interface

The day you imagine at any cost of time our Pc acts like as SmartPhonewith Android Operating built with the functionalities which we are in is unimaginable future but it comes true Now. currently, we can give an Example for this "BLUESTOCK" Services.
Along with above unimaginable condition and now a Technology called, "Lide" is going to give more features to usual. in this "Lide" technology, we can imagine the computer which is having windows or Mac OS with Android functionality.
 A group of people who are resigned for their jobs in a company called Google they formed a batch and they developed this. Very special Operating System.They kept the name as Remix OS for PC for that operating system.
Remix os is an Android-based operating System designed for your PC'S which will help you to get the android based operating experience on your existing PC's.It I made available by "Lide" technology which earlier launched Remix Mini on KickStrarter.

Features of this very special Operating System Remix OS for PC: 

Android OS play store supports this operating system. due to this nearly it will allow to access 16 million Apps through is Mixing of all operating systems.and the PC's having Intel Processors and Apple MAK laptops.we can install and run through the pen drive also.but it will work only X86 Architecture Sets. 
in user interface, we can observe a taskbar, Start menu system tray, and Right side Desktop we can observe Notifications.By using Taskbar, we can switch to another Interface and if you have touch screen laptops we can use to swipe the interface.

it also supports the features  compared software like Android office, Google play store  and file manager simplicity intuition and vitality principles and inbuilt features of Remix OS 2.0.We are expecting this os on after January 12,2016.we can download free of cost.

Daily commute Made Easy Through EASYCOMMUTE App in HYD


Daily commuting is a big challenge in India, especially in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad where people face certain challenges to travel to work which grow by every passing day due to the ever-growing industry and traffic congestion.

Yesterday I came across a new startup who call themselves  EasyCommute, trying to solve this problem in a different way. It is an Intracity mobile-based AC Bus Shuttle Service for working

professionals with a redefined commuting experience to make the daily travel for working professionals more convenient cutting down the frustration to stand in a bus or wait for an auto. EasyCommute is running AC minibuses aggregated from travel agencies by providing a Confirmed Seat with free access of High-speed Wi-Fi (4G) in the vehicle on a very affordable price starting from a mere 15/-Rs. We can download this APP through this link Easycommute app

It is very easy and simple to book a seat for you and your loved ones. We just need to select the Pick-up and Drop-off points and choose a shuttle among available timings. Then Book in one click with online payment (from recharged credits) and a boarding pass is generated with details and then once bus starts we can track the bus in real time. Also, you get two free rides when ou first installs the app! They have provided all the help text for all the stops where exactly the bus will come. They are already in service for major routes in the city. The EasyCommute team told me that they are going to start soon from 8 more routes from Uppal, LB Nagar, Mehdipatnam, Ameerpet, Patny  Jn. (Secunderabad), Lingampally, Miyapur and old city.I asked them what if you are not operating services nearby my residence/office. They replied, "We are not operating as of now, but we are planning to start our services in most parts of the city in the coming weeks. We are also open to suggestions from users using the "Suggest Route" functionality in the App so that we can start our service soon in suggested route".

Facilities provided through Easy Commute App:

  • They are offering 2 free rides
  • on install so that we can use and experience it first.
  • High-Speed Free Wi-Fi(4G). 
  • Confirmed seats and cashless process.
  • Safe and Affordable. 

The team explained to me that they are getting a very good response from people by getting 500+ downloads in just 1 week.


Do yo know, what new Technology evolutions today as per Facebook CEO Mr.John JukarBurg statements laser rays that are emitting through balloons which are introduced into the Galaxy.  By this, we can see the development of technology which is beyond our imagination.In past five years, we experienced and satisfied with technology-oriented evolutions. apart from that, we can expect much more new technology oriented evolutions are coming into the market in this year.

The technology experts are discussing bout these upcoming new tremendous evolutions in technology right now. in those below I mentioned some upcoming unexpected technology evolutions which are not come to our imaginations.

List of New Technology Evolutions Today

virtual reality:

In recent days, we are having mostly the word virtual reality. this is one of the best new technology evolutions  through this we can see the world with spectacles. through this device, we can see the entire world in front of us. this is the one of the new and wonderful technology. after completion of long research, facebook is going to launch this product as "oculus rift" into the market. in order to experts opinion, this is one of the reality product of facebook is going to launch in 201. Along with "HTC wive" is going to launch on April 2016. through this "oculus rift" we can imagine we can get the feeling we ate in the artificial world.

Wireless charging:

Nowadays smartphones, tab, laptop Bluetooth headphones are widely using gadgets. these gadgets are becoming a part of human life nowadays . in order to widely using these much of devices were facing problems like how to change those devices without interrupt our work.this is the major problem of the majority of the persons facing in order to overcome this problem we can find a solution through unimaginable technology.

we can charge our smartphones, laptops and tabs through a single device connecting as like as our system internet connections like Wi-Fi. but through this single device, we can charge our gadgets by electronic waves. a japan based telecom company osiya designed a device called, "COTA".This device acts like a central hub means as a router in Wi-Fi.through this, we can charge our devices.we have already existed technology called Q-I technology in those we keep our gadgets it will recharge itself. but in this "COTA" Technology it will extend some extends but added Advantage as wireless technology.along with company "IKIYA" also developed wireless charging table. as an Israel-based company "STOREDOT..." is going to launch a device at the end of 2016 through that device we can recharge our smartphone within a minute.

Smart car Technology:

the asper deal between google and ford motor company the ford motor company is going to design cars which are working by using google technology. by using google technology ford motor is going to develop driverless per technology experts analysis to launch driverless cars, the total technologies are available with different, different companies. it will take the time to launch these cars on the market.


3D-Printers are already available in the market.But the 3D printers which are going to come this year 2016 are very high performance based printers.we will give you review you about these 3D-Printers very soon.

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